Basic Teaching Certificate

To be a member of the teaching faculty of any institution one must be eligible for the same. In today’s world where academic excellence is given top preference hence making it essential for staff to possess the basic minimum degree in education. The degree is popularly known as B.Ed. which is also pronounced as bachelors of education. The basic objective of this degree includes intensification of the professional competencies of working teachers.

It enables the teacher to deal with and understand every child personally and helps solve the academic problem of it students. Apart from teaching various skills related to students, this course also teaches about student support activities and about school management as well. The course helps teachers deal with the children and understand individual problems as well as their plus points and can help the child focus and improve. The course helps the teacher to deal with the parents and also be a guiding light.

The course can be taken in both the way i.e. either by the classroom course or the distance learning course. The major difference between the two is of the time duration. The classroom course is of one year where as the distance learning course is of two years. The full time course can be opted by fresh graduates and the distance or corresponding course is ideal for the teachers who are already working in the institutions and cannot leave there job. In India this course is offered by both government and private institutions, however the fees structure may vary. Once you are a part of this course you will also have to do some on the job training that will add to your experience as well as sharpen your skill.

To be eligible for a course in basic teacher training, one must be a graduate in any field with at least 55% passing marks. These courses include bachelors of Arts, Science and Fine arts etc. The course can be availed in both the language mediums that are English and Hindi. Most institutions have an entrance test that includes a paper on general knowledge and current affairs. There is also a paper that is for the subject the teacher wishes to teach. To get a score in the general knowledge paper you should keep yourself updated with the present and past year’s current affairs.

Once the teacher training course is over you are qualified to apply in any school up to the higher secondary level. Being qualified with the degree of teaching also increases your pay scale in comparison to teachers who do not have a degree in the same. This course is a must for anyone interested in the teaching line as it enables you to bring out the qualities of an educationist and strengths your forte. There are simple tools and techniques that are taught in this course which include making lesson plans and other tools that can be used to make teaching easy. In most schools the degree of B.Ed. is compulsory.