Primary Teacher Training Course

“I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand”.

Well-trained teachers are capable of improving not only the quality of education but also the quality of life as they are actively engaged in building the human resource of the future. Primary Teacher's training is even more important as elementary education plays a very important role in a person's life. A Primary Education Teacher Trainer’s role will be to provide formal and informal training and support to elementary school teachers. One may also provide classroom instruction. Depending on specific assignment, one might:

Work in one or several schools or teachers’ colleges, modelling participatory methodologies, conducting workshops, and providing ongoing support to local teachers

Some primary education projects focus specifically on health, HIV/AIDS, the environment, childhood development, English as a second language (ESL), remedial education, science, language arts, or a foreign language

Applicants must have a strong background in elementary education and a bachelor’s degree in elementary or early childhood education; OR a bachelor’s degree in any discipline and certification in elementary education; OR a bachelor’s degree in any discipline and full-time classroom teaching experience at the preschool or elementary level for one year or more. Many applicants have state teaching certification.

Virtually all applicants have teaching experience, ranging from one semester of student teaching to many years of full-time teaching.

How will this advance the career?
Primary Teacher Training is the required training if one is going to go for a role as a primary school teacher in any middle school in the World. Most commonly Primary Teacher training is referred to as doing your dip-ed or Diploma of Education, which is the minimum required to become a teacher in almost every school throughout most countries. Becoming a Teacher is a huge undertaking and the responsibility of being a teacher is also enormous.

In order for an individual to be qualified as a primary teacher, he/she must finish a primary teacher training from a reputable and recognized institution of learning. The basic primary teacher training qualification is at least a bachelor's degree or college degree in education, teaching, training, or its equivalent. All primary teachers who are applying for a teaching position are required to have a college degree in education. Some educational institutions offer a three-year education course aimed at preparing students or potential primary teachers for their academic and professional work. Other colleges offer a post-graduate course for primary school teachers to enhance their teaching skills. Before the end of every teacher training, potential primary teachers undergo a practical training where they will be observed how they apply what they have learned. Their strategies, methods, and skills will be evaluated before they will be certified as primary school teachers.

As far as qualifying to become a Primary Teacher, it is necessary to complete a Primary Teacher Degree which averages as a three year course, on a full-time basis. This would also include a scheduling for practical work experience in a Primary Teaching environment. In addition to this, a Primary Teacher must also be able to share their knowledge in a straightforward manner and be capable of building good relationships with their students, as well as being approachable.